What Words Mean To Me....

Three little words, that say so much

Words have always been important to me, the written word says so much. It can change your life,  or bring your world tumbling down. 


I have always enjoyed writing, keeping a diary, writing thoughts and feelings and being able to express myself.  Writing stories, that never intend to be published, but have very special meanings, my favorite being Spy Dog, based on my very old Bearded Collie, and his adventures. 


Writing is the powerful tool we have and whether you are writing a blog or advertising your latest product, it is the story that will make your customers come back again and again.  


Even when I am reading an advertisement or reading about a new product, if I can see the story, then I am hooked. The story tells the customer, what they are getting, what it is made of, what it can do for you, the benefits.  This is what so many web spaces, blogs, and marketing information lack. The Story!


I recently wrote an article on Flotation Tank Therapy, now, after hours of research, I did not find any articles that really hooked me.  I wanted to feel like I understood the feeling and could picture in my mind how I would feel immersed in the salt water, feeling like I was in zero gravity and deprived of all sensory feeling.  To me, it is so important that the reader really feels what is being written. 


When I write content, I write it from the heart, I feel the content, research the subject.  I want to feel my readers are experiencing the feelings brought from what they are reading, and feel inspired to buy that product, and look at that service.


If you are interested in discussing or finding out more, please don't hesitate to contact me. 


Thanks for reading

Emma x 



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Travel Time in 2017

The days are getting longer and we all look towards holiday time.  


I'm looking forward to visting Japan shortly and suprised myself by organising our whole trip and itinerary.  We have saved a fortune doing it ourselves. 


Join me on my Adventures,  by reading my BLOG.  


Following our Japan visit we are going to Austrailia, Canberra, to meet our new Grandaughter, born in February.  A very exciting time.  

Improved Web Site 2 March 2017

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Why Hire a Virtual Assistant

1. A Virtual Assistant has their own office space – no office overhead for you.2. You need to keep the people you have busy. Your VA can work different hours not necessarily full time. 3. Your personnel budget is suffocating your margin for growth. A Virtual Assistant is less expensive than a full time employee. 4. Do you have specific tasks that you know someone could help you with, and you know exactly how they could help? You can communicate your task to a Virtual Assistant. 5. Do you have specific tasks that you know you shouldn’t be doing yourself? Maybe they are not the best use for your time, or maybe you just don’t like doing them. A Virtual Assistant can help you use your time wisely. 6. Is there some area of activity you’d really want to include in your business, but don’t have the time to do it yourself? Let a Virtual Assistant do this for you. 7. Do you know how to do all of those tasks yourself? Let your Virtual Assistant take care of those task you don’t know how to do. 8. You need more time to focus on your core business functions. Give your Virtual Assistant the less important tasks so you can focus on the important aspects of your business. 9. It will reduce time and cost of managing employees. 10. It will reduce your workload.

Blue Sky Virtual Business Assistant - New Web site


The launch of the new website is planned for 7 February 2017.
New services are to be announced soon